14 secondary suites have been permitted since legislation passed

Typos fixed in backyard suites legislation for Halifax and West region

Halifax and West Community Council, April 13, 2021

Meeting recap (the important stuff):

Honestly, this meeting was 13 minutes long. The headline and subheading are all you need to know for this one. The two major agenda items were removed since they weren’t ready for consideration. 

Who said what (paraphrased): 

Smith: Any additions or deletions? 

Clerk: Yes the two main agenda items are deleted as they’re not ready yet. 

Smith: On to the public hearing for Case 23274. Staff presentation on the backyard suites. 

Meaghan Dalton: *Presentation about fixing typos and minor omissions that has been given at many community council meetings so far*

Cleary: Do you know how many applications for backyard suites have come in since the legislation passed? 

Jill MacLellan: I have that information but have to get it. 

Smith: What happened for you to see these errors? Was it legal? Planning seeing it in applications?

Dalton: Development officers saw them when they started to go through the applications. 

MacLellan: 14 permits issues for secondary suites, and no backyard suites. 

Smith: Do I need to open a public hearing with no speakers? 

Clerk: No.

Cuttell: *Reads the motion for agenda item 10.1.1 as written* I’m glad to see people are paying attention to details. 


*Meeting adjourned*   


Councillor Lindell Smith, Chair (District 8)

Councillor Kathryn Morse, Vice Chair (District 10)

Councillor Waye Mason (District 7)

Councillor Shawn Cleary (District 9)

Councillor Patty Cuttell (District 11)

Councillor Iona Stoddard (District 12)





Previous meeting minutes and current agenda:

Previous meeting

Current agenda

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