Municipal COVID protocols extended

A meeting so short there’s no need for a sub-headline!

Executive Standing Committee March 22, 2021

Meeting recap (the important stuff):

Very short public section of the meeting today, the one year anniversary of the state of emergency. The Executive Standing Committee voted to extend the city’s COVID protocol Administrative Order by one year, which will likely be ratified by council tomorrow. It can be cancelled at any time. 

The Women’s Advisory Committee work plan was approved and they decided to not get a staff report that’s about to become redundant with the new municipal planning strategy. 

That’s it, they went in-camera for a bunch of stuff, but we won’t know what those are until the information becomes public later, if it does. All of the in-camera motions passed unanimously. 

If you’re curious, a lot of the in-camera stuff is hiring or contract negotiations. For hiring they don’t want people to be publicly scrutinized for a job that they end up not getting. And for contract negotiations they don’t want anyone to get an unfair advantage/disadvantage. Once someone gets the job/contract it becomes public, naturally, so that’s what I mean by information becoming public later. 

Who said what (paraphrased): 

Savage: Happy birthday to my sister, it’s Executive Committee time. 

Hendsbee: It’s the one year anniversary of the state of the emergency!

Savage: Review of report requests

Hensdbee: I’ll move that we withdraw the report request for Inclusive Building Closure Procedures because it’s about to be redundant. 


Savage: Moving the amendments to the COVID-19 AO.

Outhit: *Reads the motion for agenda item 12.1.2 as written*

Traves: It’s just an extension of the changes we made last year, which can be cancelled at any time.

Hendsbee: Ratified at council tomorrow? 

Traves: Yes, that’s the plan. 


Savage: Women’s Advisory Committee work plan

Blackburn: *Reads the motion for agenda item 12.2.1 as written* Nothing really to add to this, they’ve met a bunch, drafted a good plan and are wanting to get going on it. 

Savage: Just want to say thanks to Councillor Nicoll who created this. 

Blackburn: Couldn’t have done it without her, she did most of the heavy lifting. 


Savage: Can we approve the in-camera minutes? 


Savage: Do we need to go in-camera for the rest of them? 

Mason: I’ll test it, *reads the motion for agenda item 14.2.1 as written*.

Savage: I actually want to go in-camera for the first one. 

Mason: I’ll read the second one, *reads the motion for agenda item 14.2.2 as written*.


Savage: May as well move in-camera now then, unless we have any notices of motion? 

Russell: I move that we go in-camera. 

*Moved in-camera*


Mayor Mike Savage

Deputy Mayor Tim Outhit (District 16)

Councillor David Hendsbee (District 2)

Councillor Waye Mason (District 7)

Councillor Kathryn Morse (District 10)

Councillor Lisa Blackburn (District 14)

Councillor Paul Russell (District 15)





Previous meeting minutes and current agenda:

Previous meeting

Current agenda

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