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We are an emerging player in the Halifax media scene — here’s what you need to know about us

As someone who tried to stay engaged with city politics, I found myself wishing for better coverage of city hall. Often, coverage felt too broad to fully understand what was happening (and why it was happening) in the HRM. The solution? Create a new digital publication that really dives into the nuance.

What do we do

We launched our site in November to provide the in-depth coverage that matters to you. Something else we found in interviews with readers, is that you feel more empowered to participate in public action when you feel informed about how to do so. At the Committee Trawler we:

  • Make it easy for you to both understand how policy directly affects you (and if you live here, we promise you, it does!) and to get involved in making a difference. 
  • Give careful analysis of committee meetings so you have context beyond what was said
  • Drill down into topics with explainers, so you can wrap your head around policy 
  • Offer smart commentary about politics, so you can understand why decisions are being made 

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Who we are

The Committee Trawler has a small, but scrappy team that is dedicated to the kind of journalism that holds both politicians and ourselves accountable. 

We are Matt Stickland, Kelly Eagles, and Stew Rogers. The team’s been working together since summer 2020 to get Committee Trawler ready to launch, and running it since it’s been live. Having all been involved in and around politics, we all felt it was important to start producing the political coverage we wanted to better inform our votes. What are our politicians saying on our behalf when no one’s watching a meeting? How do policies affect us? 

So we’ve pooled our skill sets to bring this type of coverage to you. 

Will you help us spread the word?

To keep doing this work, we need community and industry support. Our goal is to reach 2,500 email subscribers in March. Your sign-up shows us that you want to keep up with our work and it also indicates that there is an audience for us to keep this going long-term and really help us solidify our place in the community. 

If we reach our goal, we will:

  1. Know you value this work, which helps us establish ourselves as a new media outlet in Halifax. It’ll also make you one of the best informed people in the city
  2. Launch a founding members campaign so you can invest in journalism that’s important to you
  3. Be able to keep this information free and widely available for those who need it

Still have questions? Ask us here.

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